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 Welcome to my web site! I hope you will fiind my books helpful as you look for and close residential real estate loans.

After ten years as a mortgage broker (and many more as a real estate investor) I closed my mortgage broker business to concentrate on writing about residential real estate financing. I love talking about real estate financing, and helping others understand the process, enabling them to navigate through the mysterious world of the underwriters!

“Getting to Closing!” is a guide for home buyers and realtors that explains the complete process, application through closing. The book also provides money saving tips.

In today’s tighter credit markets you need all the information you can get to make the best deal possible on your home or investment property loan. This book gives you that information, which you may not get otherwise, so you will never be surprised at closing!

“Close That Loan!” is a guide for Loan Originators and Processors that explains the step-by-step process from application through closing. A novice should be able, using the book, to originate and process a complete application package.

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